Our Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) service offers clients access to some of the most talented and hardworking accountants in the industry today, remotely. For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee or personal accountant, InTouch Accountants can provide a virtual CFO for your business to work remotely from our offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Why choose a VCFO?

An increasing number of businesses around the world are embracing the opportunities offered by widespread access to instant communication tools. Now that the physical separation of people and entities no longer presents a barrier to communication, collaboration businesses are waking up to the possibility of outsourcing certain tasks to individuals who might be located far away, but who have much to offer the business because of their skillset.

What Is A Virtual CFO?

The role of a chief financial officer (CFO) in an organisation is to spearhead any financial planning and to ensure that the business is accurately reporting its financial activities as well as responding appropriately as a business to any challenges or problems that might arise. At Intouch Accountants, our virtual CFO offers all of this to your business, and more. Many of those seeking the services of our virtual CFO are smaller businesses and new startups or business in the non-profit sector. As such, our virtual CFOs are accustomed to expanding their role in order to help newer businesses to understand the landscape and the nature of the industry that they are breaking into.

Non Profit Sectornon profit virtual cfo

At InTouch Accountants, one of our most popular services is our virtual CFO expertise in the not-for-profit sector. This sector in particular is trying to reduce expenditure in any way possible and using a chief financial officer, accountant or bookkeeper is no exception. Our skilled and experienced virtual CFO’s are available at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee; working remotely from our Melbourne-based offices to provide your non-profit business with accountancy services.

Save Your Business Money

Our virtual CFOs do their job remotely. They do not require a salary that will cover travel expenses, accommodations, etc. They are ready to begin taking your company to the next level as soon as they are hired. In the world of business, any saving, no matter how small, represents a victory for the company concerned. Our virtual CFOs perform their job to the same standards you would expect from a full-time on-site employee. In fact, our VCFOs strive to provide an even better service than most are used to.

Flexible Work Hours

It is up to you what hours you would prefer our VCFOs to be available for but we understand that unforeseen events are an unavoidable part of doing business, sometimes you will need our VCFO there before, or after, they are usually scheduled to work. The virtual CFO we provide will be flexible in their approach to work times and will consistently strive to give you the best service possible.

Virtual CFOs are a fantastic way for businesses to save money while increasing the skillsets that they have to draw from. We pride ourselves on providing the best VCFO service out there.

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